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Be transported to an oasis of sun, sand and sea with the SANTORI TROPICAL BREEZE candle.  It is the best way to unwind like relaxing on the beach, listening to the soothing sound of the ocean and appreciating the smell of fresh coconut on the wind. There’s no need to spend a small fortune on a retreat because this candle enables you to experience a retreat every day.

Soy Delicious Candle Travel Tins are the perfect little travel companion that fit easily and neatly into any size bag. They are beautifully labeled tins that hold 2 ounces of your favorite scent of choice. The clean burning fragrance will transform you mentally to your secret place whether traveling or not. 

Each Soy Delicious Candle lasts for up to 12 hours completely filling any room with a pleasurable scent creating a soothing sense of satisfaction. Once your candle is slightly cooled, scoop out a small amount and smooth over elbows, feet and any part of the body in need of some tender loving care. Since the formula is safe for the skin, indulge in the long lasting effects of the Soy Delicious Candle wax as often as you like. With the right mix of ingredients allowing for safe application it is also a perfect hot oil treatment for fingernails and cuticles. Right after a bath is the perfect time to smooth the cooled wax over legs and arms to lock in total hydration to seal in moisture on your skin. Give it a try and see why so many customers are in love with the Soy Delicious Candle brand.

Soy Delicious Candles come in over 15 amazing scents. Find the right one to give and share as gifts on your travels. 

  • Clean burning candle in beautiful tins.
  • Scent lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Use as a hot oil treatment for fingers and cuticles.
  • Signature logo bamboo spoon can be added to any order.
  • Cleanest and most environmentally safe technology used.
  • Our candles are dye-free.
  • 100% vegan.
  •  Use all natural cotton wicks. 
  • Made in USA