• $52.00
Get ready for the sweetness of the holidays with the CURRANT candle. This candle will spark nostalgia from simpler times when all you were concerned with was getting a large piece of grandma's famous cake or pie. And gifts were great but you really cherished having fun with your favorite relatives that you didn’t get to see often. You can experience this on any day of the week during the holidays and beyond by simply lighting the cotton candle wick. 

Feel jubilant and innovative with our delicious CURRANT candle. The sweet and tangy scent will help you to go back down memory lane to revisit family fun during the holidays. So, if you are thinking about getting a jump on gift shopping, experimenting with a new holiday recipe before presenting it at the big family dinner or planning a holiday family vacation, this candle will put you in the right mindset to get it done.


  • Made with organic, human-friendly soy, cotton and glass materials
  • Full Size - 10 oz of soy for a long-lasting clean burn up to 70 hours
  • Bamboo spoon included to apply the luxurious soy to your skin