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About Us

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Let us introduce you to Soy Delicious, the most decadent candle on the market.

Soy Delicious was born in Miami, Florida in 2006. A true melting pot where we embrace the multi-cultural essence of our community by celebrating the meaning of “soy”-  I AM.

Soy Delicious is managed and run by an all women team. Georgette Hoyo is the main "Girl Boss" and originator of Soy Delicious Candles. Being the Miami Native that she is, you can see how the majority of our scents were carefully crafted to reflect the heart and soul of the Miami culture.

Island Mango— native to the city and abundant in its delicious juicy fruit, the sweet aroma and unforgettable flavor combine to create a gorgeous tropical treat.

Havana- an ode to our Cuban heritage, a fresh clean blend of watery notes reminiscent of the sea, sun dried sand, and a sexy musky finish.

At Soy Delicious WE ARE home grown luxury made with love and attention to detail.

WE ARE heavenly soy candles blended with intoxicating and sensuous fragrances to fill your home with a rich aroma in a wide variety of scent profiles.

WE ARE the beginning of a romantic evening, the simple pleasure after a long day, to the comfort that warms your home.

WE ARE Soy Delicious, your favorite Soy Candle!