• $52.00
The FIREPLACE candle is for you if you like to be mesmerized by the flames of a fire dancing on the crackling wood on a chilly night. You don’t have to wait to be near a wood-burning fireplace to experience this favorite past-time in regions that have a winter season. You can revive this experience with the FIREPLACE candle, while sitting wrapped in your softest blanket while sipping your favorite hot beverage.  

Feel good, content and peaceful with our delicious FIREPLACE candle. The blend of sweet nutty spice scents will help you to reflect on what is most important for your inner peace. The FIREPLACE candle can be used to inspire journal entries, binge watching your favorite shows or thought provoking conversations with your loved ones. 


  • Made with organic, human-friendly soy, cotton and glass materials
  • Full Size - 10 oz of soy for a long-lasting clean burn up to 70 hours
  • Bamboo spoon included to apply the luxurious soy to your skin