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How To Store Your Candles To Get Long-Lasting Fragrance & Quality

How To Store Your Candles To Get Long-Lasting Fragrance & Quality

You treated yourself and bought a luxury candle you’ve had your eye on. But now that you have your amazing candle, how can you make sure it’ll last you a long time? Proper candle storage!

To preserve the scent, maintain quality, and get long hours of burn, you’ll need to protect your candle when it’s not in use. 

So let’s talk about 3 ways to protect and store your candles!

Store your candles away from heat.

Candle wax and scents are sensitive to heat. When a candle is near heat, it will cause the wax to soften or melt. This will warp and mishap the wax and cause it to lose scent strength. Because even when your candle is not lit, it loses fragrance molecules when exposed to heat or air.

So store your candles away from heat sources, like radiators, ovens, appliances, and direct sunlight. 

If you live in a hot or humid environment like Florida, don’t store your candles outside or leave them on the patio. They’ll melt away before you get to fully enjoy them! Store your candles in a cool, dark place like a cupboard, closet, or pantry. Anywhere that doesn’t get hotter than room temperature.

Store your candles away from moisture.

Moisture – like water or humidity – can damage your candle’s wax or weaken the scent. 

So avoid storing your candles in places that get humid or where water can leak. It’s best to put your candles in a place where they’ll stay dry. 

Store your candles away from sunlight.

Your candle may look nice sitting in the window, but the sun can damage your candles in 2 different ways. 

First, the heat from the sun will soften and warp the shape and cause the fragrance to fade. And it can even damage the wick, making it difficult to light.

Second, if your candle has colors, the UV rays will fade those colors over time.

This also applies to direct light sources like lamps. Be careful about leaving a beloved candle sitting under a lamp all day.

Here are a few other candle storage tips:

  • Cover your candles to preserve the scent by placing a lid or glass cloche over the candle.
  • Store your candles upright to keep the wax from shifting or becoming damaged.
  • Store different scented candles separately so the scents don’t mix.
  • Follow our other candle care tips for longer-lasting candles!

With proper storage, you can get the best out of your candles until the last drops of wax!

Our candles will burn clean for up to 70 hours when cared for properly. 

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light...which one will you choose?

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