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Our Fragrances


Imagine feeling like you need a little ambiance boost before setting out to conquer your next endeavor!  You’ve already accomplished some things on your checklist but the day is not quite complete. You need that second refreshing wind before the sun has set. 


Create the perfect getaway at home with the MOROCCAN ARGAN Candle. It is the perfect way to escape and unwind like napping on a cashmere couch by the fire on a chilly night. You deserve to lay down the challenges of the day and settle into the mellowness of the night. 


The HAVANA candle is excellent for the fellas. Whether you have a man cave or a favorite recliner to watch the game, this candle sets a winning atmosphere. Imagine the excitement of coming home to experience a great time with good food, amazing friends and the perfect scent to synergize the moment. 


Create the perfect getaway without ever leaving home with the TAHITIAN ORCHID candle. This candle will help you to mentally escape to a tropical paradise full of sweet fruits and fragrant flowers. Imagine being pampered with a sweet oil message as the sun warms your body while listening to the ocean waves. 


Imagine the need to decompress as you transition into the second half of your day. You’ve accomplished everything planned and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The PROVENCE candle is the finest for assisting you with releasing the excited tension built up during the day.  You’ve already accomplished some things on your checklist but the day is not quite complete. You need that second refreshing wind before the sun has set. 


Be transported to an oasis of sun, sand and sea with the SANTORINI candle.  It is the best way to unwind like relaxing on the beach, listening to the soothing sound of the ocean and appreciating the smell of fresh coconut on the wind. There’s no need to spend a small fortune on a retreat because this candle enables you to experience a retreat every day. 


When major opportunities present themselves in life you have to be ready. The VERBENA candle is an excellent way to prepare you for your next level. It will help you to steady your mind, achieve serenity and flow in tranquil peace. It will bring about a level of mindfulness that is needed to handle the ebbs and flows of the process. 


Imagine feeling like you need to turn down the noise of the world to get clarity about your life.  The MATCHA candle was made to open up your understanding and reveal lessons from the past, appreciate the present and feel confident about what next steps you need to take for a prosperous future. 


If you like the idea of a getaway in a log cabin set in a scenic forest by the lake, then OUDWOOD MUSK is the perfect candle for you. Imagine cozying up to the warmth of an aromatic fire coupled with tobacco leaves burning in the pipe of one of the local townspeople. 


You know those times when you get a burst of feelings to the point where your heart swells and overflows with love? The MADAGASCAR VANILLA candle will have this effect on you placing you in a sentimental mood that will cause your heart to overflow. Imagine feeling like you need a little ambiance boost before setting out to conquer your next endeavor!  You’ve already accomplished some things on your checklist but the day is not quite complete. You need that second refreshing wind before the sun has set. 


If you like the idea of going on walks or a leisurely bike ride in the countryside during springtime, the LINEN candle will recreate that experience for you.  Imagine taking time to appreciate the wildlife and stopping to smell the flowers to clear the clutter from your mind and make room for new ideas. The fresh scent of this candle will take you there.


The WHITE FLOWER candle will have an affirming effect on your mindset. If you need a little reminder of how wonderful, powerful, beautiful, intelligent, independent, and amazingly creative you are, then this is the candle for you. This candle is great for celebrating your authenticity and being proud of the special position that you hold in the world by just being your wonderful self. 


Imagine preparing your home to entertain guests on a last -minute invitation and you don’t have time to do a deep clean. The LUXE HOME candle is perfect for making your home smell and feel luxurious without having the overpowering smell of disinfectants. You can host with confidence and make your home inviting just by sparking the flame.


 If you are feeling like you need a fresh start, clear out the old and remove things (and people) that are not a part of fulfilling your purpose, then the fresh, earthy herbal scent of the SAGE candle will get you in the decluttering mood.  


The PARAISO candle is paradise in a candle!  Imagine enjoying a pineapple pina colada on the beach with your feet in the shaded sand while listening to the oceanic sounds of the Caribbean. Then you decide to take a break from your sunbath by playing in the healing salt water waves of the clear blue ocean. With this candle you can immediately transform your environment into a tropical vacation with the spark of a flame.    


The PORTOFINO candle works wonders with opening up your mind to dwell on your blessings and all that you have accomplished in life. Sometimes there are seasons when relationships, finances, and goals don't work out as planned and can be a bit overwhelming. However, this candle has a divine way of helping you to remember to say, “thank you” in your heart and find all of the good things in your life that ultimately outweigh anything negative. 


Imagine returning from vacation and wishing that you could take the beach home with you. Your wish has been granted in the CAPRI candle. Anytime you have a desire to be taken back to your rest and relaxation place on the beach feeling the sand, sun, water and wind on your skin, all you have to do is light the wick and allow the aroma to take you on a journey.


This exhilarating scent grabs you deeply, drawing you in with its sweet essence of rose pulling on your senses. We’ve captured the classical scent of luxury that roses invoke while the nostalgic yet seductive scent of geranium dances in your mind. 


We love this rich & woody scent. Enjoy notes of cedar and sandalwood with hints of violet. It's Devine! This candle is made with organic ingredients that are human-friendly. It is packaged in a beautiful gift-wrapped box that makes it exciting to open for yourself (because you deserve to be pampered) or share with someone special in your life.


This scent consists of a distinct, crisp menthol-like fragrance, with its soothing healing properties that sets the tone for total relaxation and therapeutic offerings with none to rival. Time to enjoy the essence of the healing power of eucalyptus to the next level of aromatherapy. 


Picture a freshly squeezed sweet fragrance that carries the essence of grapefruit with its bold accent perfectly paired exquisitely with the gentle yet captivating scent of lilies which has an irresistible way of lifting your spirits. The combination is also paired up nicely with its third addition to the already intoxicating scent boasting a herbaceous woodsy aura that coriander brings.


Holiday Collection (available September through January)


There’s no place like home for the holidays and the CYPRESS candle will make your home light up with the scents of good tidings, comfort and joy! Imagine being surrounded by family and friends sharing a feast, capturing precious moments and giving gifts to spread love and good cheer.  


Get ready for the sweetness of the holidays with the CURRANT candle. This candle will spark nostalgia from simpler times when all you were concerned with was getting a large piece of grandma's famous cake or pie. And gifts were great but you really cherished having fun with your favorite relatives that you didn’t get to see often. You can experience this on any day of the week during the holidays and beyond by simply lighting the cotton candle wick.  


The FIREPLACE candle is for you if you like to be mesmerized by the flames of a fire dancing on the crackling wood on a chilly night. You don’t have to wait to be near a wood-burning fireplace to experience this favorite past-time in regions that have a winter season. You can revive this experience with the FIREPLACE candle, while sitting wrapped in your softest blanket while sipping your favorite hot beverage.  


Imagine that it’s almost that special time of year when giving is high and joy is shared with one and all. With the HOLIDAY BLISS candle you can bring the feeling of the holidays out of your imagination. This candle will take you back to your happiest moments during past holiday seasons and get you excited about the anticipation of the fun holiday times ahead.