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About Us

Soy Delicious is one of the most exquisite, cleanest, hypoallergenic, environmentally safe, candles in the industry, with its state of the art, one of a kind wax-proprietary. It is candle luxury at its finest, yet completely safe for the environment on a whole.

They have amazing benefits and are eco-conscious, functional, versatile and therapeutic in the following ways: 

    • Environmentally friendly - including the cotton wick, the soy wax, essential oils, and recyclable glass container.
    • Versatility - doubles as a candle that can diffuse aromas but also moisturizes the skin and it comes in a reusable glass container for beverages. 
    • Therapeutic - the amazing scents promote well being, while safe for those who suffer from allergies.
    • Ethically sourced - with sustainable ingredients.
    • Vegan - ingredients include soy, coconut and hemp wax.
    • Hand-poured - to maintain the integrity of the candle and recipes.
    • Not tested on animals

Soy Delicious candles are luxuriously handcrafted and each scent is intentionally made to inspire the user indulging them to feel like royalty. They also have the ability to transport your mind into a virtual reality that, depending upon the scent chosen, can have you feeling like you're resting on a massage table or imagining yourself on a beach smelling the crisp sweet ocean air with the sun warming your skin. 

The candles contain essential ingredients formulated for an excellent scent and consistent burn performance. This equips the candle to usher in good vibes -setting the atmosphere for experiencing whatever emotion you want to tap into such as love, relaxation, joy, confidence, exhilaration… and the list goes on guiding the user. 

The word “soy” is not only the main ingredient of the candle but “soy” also means “I AM” in the Spanish language. It is an inclusive tribute to the Cuban roots of the owner, Georgette Hoyo.  

The hope is that customers will adopt the positive affirmation “I am delicious” and further understand that they are bright like the flame, strong like the glass and delicious like the scents of the candles. 

Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles are high quality products that can be found on the website but also in luxury spas and hotels. In addition to the intoxicating rich scents, the creamy, smooth moisturizing soy wax for your skin positions it to be the greatest candle of all time. You can go to the spa and experience Soy Delicious but you can also take the spa experience home with you in candles. 

The Soy Delicious candle allows you to love on yourself first through the sense of smell, the sense of touch and also the sixth sense of imagination. Our candles invite you to indulge in a soothing, unique experience that will restore, relax and illuminate your well-being.

Soy Delicious has been featured on well known daytime television shows excited to share with their audience the amazing products and scents, such as THE VIEW and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. The entire world is bound to know all about Soy Delicious pretty soon.

Soy Delicious Candles are truly love at first light...which one will illuminate YOUR brilliance?

Women Owned & Led by

Georgette Hoyo

When you hear the brand name SOY DELICIOUS, it may trigger a desire to indulge in rich OPULENCE, warm AMBIENCE and soothing RELAXATION, coupled with thoughts of having the ultimate, uninterrupted, luxurious me-time aromatherapy possible.

Yet, the idea of creating such a sought-after bespoke product actually came from one woman’s desire to nurture and care for her own amazing family. With that said, it's time to introduce the CEO and Founder Georgette Hoyo, the Innovator of this distinguished and distinctly unique candle company. 

Meet Us

The Soy Delicious Team

Sophia Maya

Brand Manager

Yvette Zalazar

Director of Manufacturing


Smells amazing 👏. Adds depth to your home. Makes an amazing lotion, and you WILL get compliments. ❤️ 5/5 stars for me!

- John F.