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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is around the corner and wouldn't you rather be prepared, than being scattered looking for the perfect gift? At Soy Delicious, we think the perfect gift is the one you put thought into. If you need an idea, here's a great one! 

Creating a basket of goodies to pamper Mom with is thoughtful and useful! There are several ways you can create a fun basket. Mix it up with things like a face mask, small bouquet, nail polish, gift card to her favorite store, silk mask or pillowcase, and of course one of our candles! Have fun with it! 

If you're strained on time, our Mother's Day candle collection is beautifully packed and ready to gift! Add flowers and a Mother's Day card & you're set! 

Right now our Full-Size candles are 35% off, that includes our Mother's Day Candle! Also when you spend $130, you can receive a FREE Mother's Day Travel Tin set. Just add to your cart! 

Xo Soy Delicious Team

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