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The 5 Top Luxury Candle Scents of 2023

The 5 Top Luxury Candle Scents of 2023

Lighting a candle can transform a moment into a memory, filling the air with warmth, comfort, and ambiance. The top luxury candle scents of 2023 will take you on a fragrant journey, each crafted to ignite your imagination and enhance your space. 

Whether you're a fan of soothing florals, refreshing citrus, or cozy winter aromas, Soy Delicious’ best luxury candles of 2023 have something for everyone. 

Join us as we explore the scents that will light up your life in the months to come.


Imagine a crisp walk through the winter forest with the robust and earthy aroma filling your nose. 

Our Cypress candle is a fan favorite for its mixture of fir balsam, eucalyptus, and mint. It’s like bringing notes of Christmas trees and freshly cut wood into your living room. Making your space feel like a serene forest retreat.

When you want to wrap yourself Christmas all year round or bring the smell of your Christmas tree to every corner of your home, our Cypress candle is for you.

Scent Notes

  • Fir balsam: scents of sweet pine needles and wood with a hint of musk
  • Eucalyptus: the invigorating scent of menthol and cool herbal undertones
  • Mint: a crisp, clean aroma with a burst of coolness

Luxe Home

Whether you’re entertaining or having a casual night at home, your space should feel clean and luxurious.

This is why people love our Luxe Home candle

With layered notes of blue linen, jasmine, and santal (sandalwood), your home will smell as clean as fresh laundry drying on a sunny day. So enjoy that deep clean feeling without the disinfecting aroma.

Scent Notes

  • Blue linen: captures the essence of clean, crisp cotton linens
  • Jasmine: a delicate dance of sweet floral notes with a hint of the exotic
  • Santal: a warm, woody aroma with hints of spice and earth 


When you get lost deep in the woods, santal is the rich, woody scent that lingers in the air.

Our Santal candle will make you feel like you’ve walked into an exotic garden. There are bursts of sandalwood and cedar – all coupled with hints of violet and the pure comfort of vanilla.

This candle is perfect to use year-round, bringing you divine memories and feelings!

Scent Notes

  • Sandalwood: a blended scent of warm, creamy woodiness and a hint of sweetness
  • Iris: an elegant aroma of delicate, violet floral notes with a touch of earthiness
  • Vanilla: rich, creamy notes with a bit of sugary undertones


When you need a moment to clear your mind or feel like you’ve taken a refreshing walk through the spring countryside, you need a special sort of luxury candle.

And our Linen candle is that special scent! 

We’ve layered in notes of lemon, cotton blossom, and musk to transport you to your favorite springtime moments. It’s the freshest scent you’ll find in a candle.

Scent Notes

  • Lemon: a burst of citrus sunshine, both zesty and invigorating
  • Cotton blossom: an airy and clean scent that’s the essence of softness
  • Musk: a warm aroma with hints of earthiness and depth

Tahitian Orchid

Somedays we need to be transported to a far-off getaway while in the comfort of your home.

Our Tahitian Orchid candle can help you do just that. 

We’ve infused it with notes of orange, orchid, and patchouli. All designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the ultimate tropical dream paradise.

Scent Notes

  • Orange: a bright, uplifting scent that’s like citrus joy
  • Orchid: the exotic aroma of floral with a hint of luxury
  • Patchouli: notes of earthy, woody, musk with a touch of spice

Treat yourself to one (or all!) of these top luxury candle scents of 2023!

You won’t be disappointed. 

And don’t forget about your family and friends. These candles are the perfect hostess gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift. 

Everyone will definitely thank you!

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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