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Valentines 2021

Valentines 2021

Who would have thought we would still be having to celebrate special holidays with masks? 2021 has felt a little bit of a continuation of 2020, but as always we have to look at the brighter side of things. It looks like there's progression towards better things, and a positive mindset always helps. 

Since Valentines looks a bit different this year, we wanted to show you some fun ways to celebrate safely and creatively!

1. Old fashion date night at home! Get creative and set the ambiance for a romantic dinner with candlelight. Support local by picking up from your favorite restaurant and make sure you have your favorite wine on hand. My favorite wine at the moment is 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red

2. Let the kids join in on the Valentines fun, by baking something sweet! Get a box of white cake and add 1 cup of Strawberry jelly to the mix for a pink cake. For the frosting, you need one container of cool whip and mix it with instant vanilla pudding. This cake will have you eating seconds or thirds! 

3. Make your own Valentines card. There's no need to get a store bought one! Just have fun with It and write down your favorite memory with your significant other. I bet you they will find it more meaningful.

4. Have a day date! Go the beach or park and have a picnic! Sometimes the most simple things are the most appreciated. In this day and age, we don't make the time to slow down. We're always looking for things to be quick and convenient, but a picnic outside with all your favorite snacks would be perfect!

5. Do a Valentines craft with the kids. This one is from a cute small shop wild creek co

Hope you have a sweet Valentines! Make sure to check out our Valentines collection

Xo Soy Delicious Team

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