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Georgette Hoyo, Owner/Innovator

Meet Georgette

When you hear the brand name SOY DELICIOUS, it may trigger a desire to indulge in rich OPULENCE, warm AMBIENCE and soothing RELAXATION, coupled with thoughts of having the ultimate, uninterrupted, luxurious me-time aromatherapy possible. Yet, the idea of creating such a sought-after bespoke product actually came from one woman’s desire to nurture and care for her own amazing family. With that said, it's time to introduce the CEO and Founder Georgette Hoyo, the Innovator of this distinguished and distinctly unique candle company. 

Georgette’s amazing team can boast being owned, operated and managed by an awesome all female team based in beautiful and sunny Miami, Florida. With this powerful revelation there’s still more to learn about this creative entrepreneur.

Soy Delicious Moisturizing Candles had humble beginnings that were seeds in the mind of this brilliant woman who was an elementary school teacher. She enjoyed molding young minds, however she felt guilty about missing out on being involved in special activities with her children during school hours. Georgette decided to explore a way to create the life that she desired which involved more flexibility and freedom to raise her children. 

While Georgette desired to spend more quality time with her family, she also felt the importance of creating a business that would enable her to do both simultaneously without neglecting one for the other. She set out to uncover the best work-life balance for building a legacy through soul satisfying work. 

As she began her quest for the perfect business idea, her research led her down a different path of discovery, beckoning her to pay much closer attention to her findings. Unbeknownst to her, but while on this quest, she quickly found that her family showed adverse signs around scents and was extremely sensitive to certain smells and personally having allergies herself, she began researching different types of fragrances. 

Afterwhile, she stumbled upon candles made with wax that smelled great, however she realized that the scent of one candle did not travel far enough to fill an entire room. Georgette was very curious about this phenomenon and discovered that typical wax candles did not disperse scents as well as soy wax candles. 

Soy candles offered all that she desired and were absolutely perfect for her to work with. Soon Georgette began partnering with the best fragrance houses and developers to come up with what is now her outstanding company.  Georgette synergized her Cuban heritage with the name of the main ingredient of the candle to come up with the name Soy Delicious. 

The word “soy” is not only the main ingredient of the candle but “soy” also means “I AM” in the Spanish language. Her hope is that customers will adopt the positive affirmation “I am delicious” to remember to love themselves while demonstrating self-care. She understands the importance of maintaining pride, shunning negativity and its effect on the people in close proximity to you. Georgette has the same desire for her customers as she has for herself which is to create an environment that will keep people and their families in a good mood while enjoying all of the beautiful scents her company provides.