Soy Delicious Scents

Soy Delicious Scents

CLASSIC COLLECTION ~ available year round

Acai Berry :: A splash of lemon, goji, casis, acai berries, and a hint of coconut water, make up this new favorite.
Chardonnay :: Sparkling chardonnay with a fruity & citrus blend topped by white grape extract. 
Citrus Cilantro :: A clean and crisp blend of lemongrass and fresh cut cilantro.
Dulce de Leche
 :: Creamy, warm, and rich caramelized sugar with a hint of vanilla.
Fresh Linen :: Clean and fresh at its best!
Gardenia :: The exquisite aroma of true tropical gardenia.
Havana :: Fresh and crisp musk. The aroma will invigorate your senses.
In Bloom :: White jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose with a hint of citrus will make this a floral favorite!
Island Mango :: The cool and refreshing scent of juicy mouth-watering mangoes and fresh kiwi.
Karma:: A wonderful relaxing scent after a stressful lavender and warm vanilla.
Jasmine :: The fresh scent of Jasmines in bloom.
Lemongrass :: This fresh zen scent is infused with citrus, grapefruit, and lemongrass.
Lotus :: Floral and slightly sweet with a light powdery touch.
Orange Groves :: The delicate floral scent of orange blossoms in full bloom.
Peace of Mind  :: 
Relax with the scent of a sparkling fresh Juniper bouquet.
Piña Colada :: A delightful blend of Hawaiian pineapple and sweet coconut.
Serendipity :: A sinful vanilla fragrance you are sure to fall in love with.
Sugared Violets :: The sweet scent of fresh violets and raw sugar. 
Tahitian Orchid :: A refreshing, woodsy fragrance. This feminine scent blends vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli with fruity notes.
Tobacco Road :: Tobacco leaves and bergamot with a blend of vanilla and spice that makes everything nice! EXCELLENT ODOR ELIMINATOR!
Zen:: This blend has Zen written all over it!  Spirited green floral essence with lemon, bergamot, lime and white grapefruit.


Field of Calm :: The soothing scent of true lavender essential oil.
Serenitea :: Revitalize your senses with the unique combination of white tea and neroli.
Simply Soy :: Unscented candle - enjoy the benefits without the fragrance
Spa Day :: The fresh scent of lemongrass and green tea will relax and renew you ... like a day in the spa!



Soya 1 :: A youthful blend of various blooms, sparkling citrus, and soothing fresh accords. 
Soya 2 :: A vibrant scent blending crisp citrus oils, surprising florals, and amber undertones.
Soya 3 :: Enjoy the clean florals of a lush garden, surrounded by top notes of lacey and calming white amber. 


HOLIDAY COLLECTION ~ available September thru January

Apple Spice :: The aroma of apples and cinnamon will warm your home during the Fall and Holiday Season.
Pumpkin (Harvest) :: The delicious rich smell of pumpkin, vanilla, and spices mixed all into one.
Oh Christmas Tree :: Bring the wonderful scent of spruce trees into your home for the holidays.
Frankincense (Three Kings) :: Captivating blend of woodsy cedar, spicy frankincense, myrrh, sweet sandalwood, musk, and warm vanilla.