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2022 Soy Delicious Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Soy Delicious Holiday Gift Guide

To help keep your gift-giving simple this year, we put together a gift guide for the different people in your life. Let’s get ready to check everyone off your list with Soy Delicious’ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Best Holiday Gifts for Home Entertainers

The holiday season is the pinnacle of home entertaining. And we all know someone who LOVES being the host of the holiday family gatherings. So help make their home shine this season with gifts that highlight the beauty of their home and celebrate what an amazing host they are!

Glass Cloche

Help your host add a fun home decoration with this glass cloche. It’s perfect to enclose a candle, cover a stack of cookies, or create an instant terrarium.

Glass Fireplace Match Holder

Nothing’s better than a fire crackling in the fireplace during a holiday feast. Get your host a special x-large glass fireplace match holder to display these fabulously long matches to help light their next fire.

Boxwood Preserved Wreath

The small boxwood preserved wreath is the ultimate compliment to the glass cloche. At 6 inches, it fits nicely around the 5-inch cloche. And its deep green adds the right splash of color to any room.

Soy Delicious Candles

Make your favorite home entertainer feel extra special by getting them a Soy Delicious Candle. If they love the holidays, get them Holiday Bliss or Currant to fill their home with the scent of Christmas. For entertaining the rest of the year, they’ll love Luxe Home – the ideal scent to make any room feel clean and refreshed.

And don’t forget some matches to help them light their new candles!

Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

The holidays are about traveling to see friends and family. But some may be dreaming about traveling to warmer climates after the holiday season. So for the person in your life who loves traveling and days on the beach, check out these gift ideas.

Jet Setter Backpack

This water-resistant travel backpack features outer and inner pockets, adjustable straps, and comes in 4 different colors 

ELLE One Piece

Add an extra surprise to the travel carry-on by packing this one-piece bathing suit inside. It comes in 3 different colors, is double lined, and reverses to matte!

Amanda Choker

One thing a seasoned traveler knows is that it’s best to pack a few accessories that can be worn with anything – and this beautiful freshwater pearl choker is the ideal travel accessory. 

Soy Delicious Travel Tin Candles

Our travel tins are the perfect size candles for any traveler to carry their favorite scent with them to any destination. Check out our Tropical scents to bring on memories of island getaways or Spa scents to remind them of days filled with pampering.

Best Holiday Gifts for Foodies

The holidays allow the foodies in our lives to show off their skills by cooking up new recipes and familiar favorites – as well as delight in sampling all the holiday treats. So wrap up a few of these food-themed gifts for them.

Lilyvette Cakes y Más

Foodies will love you for giving them something sweet and delicious to try! Try their cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, goodie boxes, and more.

Fitventures Healthy Summer Snacks

This ebook is a great addition to any home cook’s library. It includes 10 easy, go-to recipes and provides healthy lifestyle inspiration.

The Basket Blondie

Sometimes a specially curated gift basket filled with hand-selected food items is the best gift to give a foodie.

Soy Delicious Gourmand Candles

If a foodie’s gift can’t be food, what about giving something that reminds them of food? Our Gourmand scents will do just that! They’re exquisitely delicious and perfect for any food lover.

Best Holiday Gifts for You!

Don’t forget to include yourself on your holiday shopping list. You deserve something special too! So why not take a peek at these items and wrap them up for yourself?

Earrings Wrapped in Pearls

Whether you’re traveling or staying home this holiday season, these pearl earrings will help you look your best at your next festive celebration.

Melody Dress

Why not pair those new earrings with this puffy-sleeved, button-down dress you can wear to a holiday party? You’ll look and feel like the bell of the ball!

Soy Delicious Soy Blocks

Pick out a few of your favorite Soy Delicious scents in a pack of 6 soy blocks, pair it with a candle warmer, and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite scents throughout the holiday season. 

Bonus! Since the holidays can be a bit stressful, use the melted wax as a skin moisturizer to practice self-care this season.

At Soy Delicious, we’re sending you love, light, peace, and joy this holiday season!

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