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Using Your Soy Candle as a Skin Lotion

Using Your Soy Candle as a Skin Lotion

Soy candles are wonderful to burn since they burn long, clean, and smell amazing. But did you know the soy wax oil pooling in the middle is also a skin lotion?

One of soy wax’s unique properties is since it’s made from the oil of soybeans, it’s safe for the skin – so long as it is pure, clean soy wax like we use at Soy Delicious Candles.

But don’t think you can use any candle wax on your skin! Paraffin wax is not usable as a lotion since it’s an oil byproduct.

Let’s learn more about how your soy wax candle can double as a skin lotion!

Why is soy wax good for your skin?

Soy wax is vegan, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and plant-based – all a great combination to use on your skin. Soy wax is full of vitamin E and antioxidant properties and will lock in moisture. It’s also soft, creamy, and reported to help with skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, cracked skin, cracked heels, and rough cuticles.

Make sure the soy wax is cosmetic grade, free of dyes or uses skin-safe dyes, and uses body-safe fragrances. All candles made at Soy Delicious are considered body-safe.

How do I use soy wax as a lotion?

  1. Burn your candle for 1-2 hours or until the wax has pooled to the edges of the candle holder – this is important since it helps prevent your candle from tunneling!
  2. Extinguish the candle flame and allow the soy wax to cool slightly.
  3. Scoop a small amount of wax into the palm of your hand.
  4. Slowly massage the soy wax into your skin, helping it feel smooth and soft!

Will I burn myself?

Soy wax melts at slightly higher than body temperature, so it’s the perfect temperature to apply to your skin. But make sure to blow out the candle so the flame doesn’t burn you!

Where can I use the soy wax on my body?

Soy wax can be used all over the body like any lotion. We recommend you avoid using it on your face or in any sensitive areas. 

Soy wax is especially great to help with cuticles, cracked hands and heels, and dry, scaly areas like elbows and knees. Soy wax oil is also great as a massage oil. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

And there’s no need to remove the soy wax from your skin after applying.  It will naturally absorb into your skin like any other skin lotion or oil.

BONUS! At Soy Delicious, we provide you with our signature bamboo spoon with every candle, making it easy to scoop out the melted wax.

We offer a wide variety of candles using our proprietary blend of the best soy, coconut, and hemp waxes that will become your new favorite skin lotion! 

We pride ourselves on providing you a high-quality, sumptuous, unique experience every time you use one of our products.

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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