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All About Pomelo Candles: A Physically & Mentally Uplifting Scent

All About Pomelo Candles: A Physically & Mentally Uplifting Scent

Pomelos are tangy, slightly sweet, and slightly bitter, with a bright, uplifting scent. But a pomelo candle (Spanish for grapefruit) may not be a scent you’ve thought about using. Lemon and orange, probably. But a pomelo candle?


You’ll fall in love with the scent of a pomelo candle. It's a refreshing and invigorating aroma that has several physical and mental health benefits. Let’s get the tangy scoop on the wonders of pomelo candles.

The benefits of a pomelo candle

It’s a natural mood enhancer.

The invigorating scent of pomelo will help lift your mood and reduce stress & anxiety.

Studies have shown citrus scents are natural mood boosters that reduce tension, anger, depression, confusion, and fatigue. That’s some amazing mood enhancement! 

It’ll help increase your focus.

Pomelo is an energizing aroma. It’ll improve your concentration and focus while you work or study. Making it a perfect addition to your workspace.

It’s great for your skin.

Pomelo – like grapefruit and other citrus – contains vitamin C. Which promotes skin health and protects your skin cells from free radicals.

It has anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties.

Lighting a pomelo candle is like lighting a natural decongestant that’ll help clear your nasal passages. The pomelo scent can help relieve respiratory issues by loosening mucus and reducing inflammation. Making it easier for you to breathe!

Plus, pomelo can help fight off respiratory infections from viruses and bacteria with its antimicrobial properties.

How to use a pomelo candle in your home

In your living room

Place a candle on your coffee table, side table, or mantel. The refreshing, tangy scent is perfect as you read by a window or play board games with friends.

In your bedroom

Since citrus scents naturally reduce stress and anxiety, burning a pomelo candle in your bedroom is the perfect way to set up a restful night’s sleep.

In your bathroom

The invigorating smell of grapefruit will give you the dash of energy you need to get ready for your day. Place a small candle on the back of the toilet or on your bathroom counter.

In your kitchen

If you need to neutralize cooking smells or want your kitchen to smell fresh, a pomelo candle can do the trick. You’ll love how the tangy, sweet scent makes your kitchen feel and smell clean.

In your office

The scent of pomelo will improve your concentration and focus. So it’s a no-brainer you need one in your office or workspace. And since it reduces stress, it’s a great candle to burn after a stressful meeting or project.

Check out Where To Place Candles In Your Home: The 3 Top Spots for more tips on candle placement!

Treat yourself to a pomelo candle

Soy Delicious Pomelo candle is just what you need. Its juicy, bold pomelo aroma paired with the gentle scent of lilies and the herbaceous scent of coriander will delight your nose.

Our Pomelo candle will be your favorite candle to burn when you need to lift your mood and bring clarity & cleansing to your mind & body.

With our blend of environmentally-friendly waxes and ingredients, you can use the melted soy wax as a skin moisturizer. And with pomelo’s burst of vitamin C, your skin will love the extra special attention.

Follow our candle care and safety tips to maximize your enjoyment of your Soy Delicious candles.

Get your Soy Delicious Pomelo candle today!

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