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All About Rose Candles: You Absolutely Need One in Your Home

All About Rose Candles: You Absolutely Need One in Your Home

The smell of fresh-cut roses is one of the most enticing smells. But buying roses all the time can be costly. So instead, fill your home with the scent of roses with a rose candle. It’ll bring the essence of roses into your home – giving you the feeling of strolling through your own private rose garden.

Let’s talk about all things rose candles, and why you need one today!

The benefits of a rose candle

We often relate roses to feelings of joy, happiness, hope, love, and passion. But the scent of roses also has its own benefits.

The scent of a rose relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Much like lavender, the rose scent calms and soothes both the body and mind. And studies have shown rose scent boosts learning and retention.

Use a rose candle throughout your home

A rose candle is a versatile scent you can use in your home. You can light it in your bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere before bedtime. Or set the mood for a romantic night.

Use it in your living room to make it feel like your window is open to a special garden. Or have it out on your dining room table to add a special element to your next dinner party.

And don’t forget the bathroom. It’s the perfect setting for a rose candle. Let the joyful smell of roses fill the room as you soak in a big bubble bath indulging in some much needed self-care.

Treat yourself to the special smell of roses with the perfect candle

Enter Soy Delicious’s FLEUR candle

It’s the perfect mix of rose, geranium, and jasmine all hand-poured into a reusable glass.

You’ll love the enticing, classical scent of a dozen long-stemmed roses. And luxuriate in the smell of the seductive geraniums. The scent of jasmine will waft through gently – highlighting and uplifting the scent of a lush garden bursting with flowers.

This mix of FLEUR aromatherapy will make your senses dance. So whether you spread a blanket on the floor and pretend you’re laying in the spring sunshine. Or sway slowly to music as roses swirl around you, our rose candle will invoke many delightful sensations.

And because we use environmentally friendly ingredients, you can take your rose candle enjoyment to the next level. 

Use the melted wax from any Soy Delicious candle as a skin moisturizer. Imagine taking a long shower, stepping out into the rose-scented steam, and applying the liquid wax to your skin. Your body will sing with joy at the graceful scent.

Every Soy Delicious Candle includes: 

  • A candle made from a special waxes that’s organic and human-friendly.
  • A cotton wick for a clean burn and a reusable glass candle holder.
  • A full-sized candle (10.5 oz) of a proprietary wax blend for a long-lasting burn for up to 70 hours.
  • A bamboo spoon to help apply the luxurious soy to your skin for a perfect moment of self-care.

To make sure your rose candle lasts for many burning hours to come, read these candle care tips. We want you to get every drop of enjoyment from your new candle. 

Give yourself the gift of roses!

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