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Cotton Wicks: Why They’re The Best Wick To Use For A Candle

Cotton Wicks: Why They’re The Best Wick To Use For A Candle

Candles can have different wicks: paper, hemp, cotton, or synthetic fibers. And there’s a lot that goes into picking the right wick for a candle. A candle maker has to consider the size & shape of the candle, the desired burn time, the flame size, and the fragrance throw when choosing a wick. 

But at Soy Delicious, we believe the best wick for a candle is a cotton wick. Let’s talk about the wonderful benefits of using cotton wicks.

Cotton wicks burn clean.

We don’t want our candles to pollute your home by putting off chemicals or soot. And we want to help keep the areas around your candles clean. This is just one of the reasons why we use cotton wicks.

Cotton wicks produce less smoke and soot than most other materials. Having a cleaner burning candle is important – especially if you have allergies or sensitivities to environmental irritants.

Cotton wicks burn consistently.

It’s important to us that our customers get the most out of their candles. And a good, consistent burn will allow you to enjoy your candle for hours. Soy Delicious candles burn for up to 70 hours!

Cotton wicks also burn evenly and steadily during the life of the candle. This helps prevent tunneling and uneven melting – which will affect your candle’s overall performance and appearance.

Cotton wicks are versatile & efficient.

One of the great elements of a cotton wick is that it works well with a variety of waxes and comes in a range of sizes & thicknesses. This versatility makes it suitable for a range of candle shapes and sizes.

Plus, cotton wicks are efficient because they burn at a high temperature, allowing for a better diffusion of the candle’s fragrance. Add in the fact they don’t need a lot of maintenance or adjustment during burning, making cotton wicks a reliable option.

Cotton wicks are eco-friendly.

It's important to us that the ingredients we use are environmentally friendly – from the wax blend we pour to the reusable glass container.

And cotton is a natural and renewable material, making it a more sustainable option compared to synthetic wick materials.

We know our candles are worth the best ingredients because our customers deserve the best.

That’s why we use a blend of environmentally friendly waxes and ingredients hand-poured into a reusable glass container. 

Our exclusive blend of soy, coconut, and hemp waxes is safe for both the environment and your skin. You can use the melted wax from a Soy Delicious candle as a skin moisturizer! And luxuriate in the amazing aromatherapy that will delight all your senses.

Our candles come in 10.5 ounce size, travel size, and blocks. So whether you're on vacation or in your bathroom, these sizes allow you to bring your favorite scents wherever you go. 

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light...which one will you choose?

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