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Our Partnership with 305 Pink Pack to Help Support Women with Cancer in South Florida

Our Partnership with 305 Pink Pack to Help Support Women with Cancer in South Florida

Candles provide comfort every time they’re burned – wrapping you in memories through their warmth and scent. And our hope is to extend that comfort through our partnership with 305 Pink Pack based here in South Florida.

A percentage of every order made during October will go to support 305 Pink Pack’s mission to fight cancer.

305 Pink Pack: Providing Women with Cancer Care and Recover

305 Pink Pack is a nonprofit organization committed to raising awareness about breast cancer and providing support to women and their families affected by this disease. 

They give important support to women going through cancer treatments in South Florida, allowing the women to focus on healing and spending time with their families. They support the women and their families by providing childcare, groceries, transportation, and more at no cost to them.

Some of their other services include:

Education and Awareness: 305 Pink Pack focuses on educating the public about breast cancer, its prevention, early detection, and treatment options. 

Support Resources: The organization has a wealth of resources on financial assistance for cancer treatment, family and patient support services, information on cancer, and other local services.

Fundraising and Donations: 305 Pink Pack receives support from individual donations, corporate & community partners, and volunteers. 

True Match Tresses: 305 Pink Pack started a one-of-a-kind program focused on providing wigs for Black, Asian, and Hispanic women undergoing cancer treatment. By partnering with local leadership and black-owned businesses, the organization has been able to help women find wigs that truly look like them.

Soy Delicious Candle’s Commitment

At Soy Delicious, we believe in supporting others as they go through difficult times, like dealing with cancer and its treatment. We wish to spread kindness, warmth, and healing through our efforts. 

And that's why we've partnered with 305 Pink Pack during Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the last 4 years.

Our Partnership

Throughout October, a percentage of every sale will be donated to the organization.

With your order, you’ll receive a 305 Pink Pack sticker along with an informational card about the organization.

So whether you purchase from our candle line, body line, or home accessories line, you’re helping other women take the step toward healing and recovery.

And if you choose to purchase a candle, you always receive:

  • A bamboo dipping spoon
  • A reusable glass tumbler
  • Hours of clean candle-burning
  • A blend of human-friendly, eco-friendly waxes

With every purchase, you're helping women with cancer find hope and support. 

So every time you light your candle or massage the liquid wax into your skin, you’ll experience a bit more joy knowing your purchase helped such an amazing cause!

Through our partnership with 305 Pink Pack, we all can light a better future for women fighting cancer.

Help secure that future by purchasing one of our exclusive candles and sharing our promotion throughout October!

Your purchase can help light up the lives of those who need it most.

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