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The 3 Best Candle Scents for Summer

The 3 Best Candle Scents for Summer

Anyone who loves candles knows they’re not just for wintertime – you can burn candles year-round. And nothing is better than introducing a fresh scent into your home at the changing of the season. So as spring turns to summer, it’s time to move away from the spring flower scents to something with a summer vacation vibe. 

The right candle will make a room feel rich in ambiance and invoke memories of summers past. So we put together a list of 3 Soy Delicious candle scents you’ll love for the summer! These scents are light, tropical, and airy. 

Let’s dive into your new favorite summer candle scents!


Soy Delicious’ Santorini candle will remind you of the sun, sand, coconuts, and the sea. Every time you burn a Santorini scented candle, you’ll feel transported to your own island oasis. Think about time relaxing on the beach, with the wash of the waves on the sand, a soft breeze, and a cold tropical drink in your hand. The Santorini candle is truly an island summer vacation scent captured in a glass cup.


Our Capri candle won’t disappoint if you’re looking to scent your home with reminders of lazy summer days at the beach. The Capri candle has captured the essence of relaxation and rest with no worry in sight as you recline on your beach chair. The scent will take you back to memories of the sand, sun, water, and a light breeze playing along your sun-kissed skin. Just light the wick, close your eyes, and take in the scents of the beach as you lounge in your home.


Imagine sitting on a Caribbean beach, your feet covered by the sand, a pineapple piña colada at your fingertips, and listening to the sounds of the ocean as dappled sunlight plays along your skin. When you light our Pariso candle, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at a tropical paradise! It’ll invoke memories of playing in the ocean waves, sunbathing in the Caribbean sun, and sipping drinks with little umbrellas.

Try out all 3 candle scents this summer!

Each tropical scented Soy Delicious Candle comes in…

  • A full candle size with 10 oz of soy wax for a long-lasting clean burn of up to 70 hours. The perfect size for any room in your home or gift for a friend.
  • A travel size in beautiful tins that can last up to 12 hours. Travel tins let you take your favorite candles with you wherever you go!
  • A pack of Soy Blocks containing six 5 oz blocks. Just add a wax warmer and these soy blocks are great for any home or office.

But the beauty of a Soy Delicious Candle doesn’t end there. Each candle is hand-poured using environmentally friendly, ethically sourced ingredients, like our blend of soy, coconut, and hemp waxes. Plus, the melted wax of our candles is human-friendly, so you can use it as an aromatherapy moisturizer for your skin – taking your summer relaxation to another level!

Every candle we make invokes a sense of luxury, so every light of the wick feels like a bit of pampering – because you deserve it.

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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