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Why Sage Candles Are Perfect for Cleansing for the New Year

Why Sage Candles Are Perfect for Cleansing for the New Year

Soy Delicious Candles understands that every New Year we make the decision of “out with the old & in with the new!” January is when we desire to cleanse, refresh, and renew our homes and ourselves. We decide to clear out all the past things that no longer serve us and make room for what we desire. 

If you’re feeling like you need a new start and you want to clear out the things that are not a part of fulfilling your purpose, then the fresh, earthy herbal scent of our Soy Delicious SAGE Candle will get you in the cleansing and refreshing mood!

Be uplifted, inspired, and grounded by our delicious SAGE Candle

The citrusy scents with a hint of musk will help you tap into the flow of your creativity. Whether you need to clear your social media, electronic data, closets, or clear your mind, this candle is the perfect companion to get you started and motivate your senses toward accomplishing your decluttering goals.

Sage has always been known for its powerful yet subtle cleansing and healing properties. Many people swear by sage as a treatment for cuts, wounds, bruises, and insect bites. Sage also has been known to help with inflammation and many other conditions, including arthritis. 

With all the natural healing elements sage possesses, it only makes sense to use it throughout your home to activate its many benefits no matter which room you’re in.

If you are serious about creating a fresh, new YOU this new year, then why not burn a Soy Delicious SAGE Candle?

It’s perfect for burning anytime — maybe in a new apartment for a fresh start, in a room to clear out any negative energy, or as you meditate on your new intentions.

Using sage for cleansing may seem to be a fairly new trend in the spiritual and wellness communities, but it’s actually an ancient ritual the New Age movement and healing modalities have adopted.

Sage cleansing gathered attention in the West only a few decades ago. At first, it seemed weird to Western analytical minds, but when the benefits of sage cleansing garnered results, more and more people started practicing the technique. This tradition has been around and used by almost all ancient cultures of the world – bringing health, newness, and prosperity.

Using sage in a cleansing ritual is very simple, and anyone can practice it. Light your candle, set your intention, and allow the sage to fill the room.

But the benefits of your Soy Delicious SAGE Candle doesn’t end with cleansing. You also get:

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a happy, healthy, refreshing, prosperous year from the Soy Delicious Candle Family… Happy Cleansing!

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