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5 Reasons Why Luxury Candles Are Worth the Expense

5 Reasons Why Luxury Candles Are Worth the Expense

It seems like you can buy candles anywhere these days – from the airport to the grocery store. And though it’s convenient to pick up a new candle while shopping for dinner, not all candles are created equal. So why should you spend more money to buy a luxury candle instead of the ones from the store?

Because like when you splurged and bought yourself an expensive bottle of wine or a designer purse, you knew you were getting something of top quality. 

And luxury candles will provide you with the same top quality experience. 

Luxury candles use high-quality ingredients.

Luxury candles use high-quality ingredients that create a better scent throw and burn cleanly (no more yucky black soot). From natural soy waxes to beeswax, these natural waxes are of better quality than the synthetic ingredients found in other candles. 

Soy Delicious makes all candles with a proprietary blend of eco-friendly waxes, uses a natural cotton wick for a clean burn, and are free of dyes & synthetic fragrances. 

We believe your candle should provide you with a luxurious experience by using the best ingredients.

Luxury candles have longer burn times.

Why buy 4 candles when 1 amazing luxury candle can do the job? 

The premium ingredients in luxury candles ensure your candle will burn longer. This gives you more time to enjoy the fragrance for a longer period and makes your buy more cost-effective. Which means you have more time to enjoy and revel in the glorious scent of your favorite candle.

Our full-size candles of 10.5 ounces have a burn time of 70 hours. That’s a lot of candle enjoyment!

Luxury candles come in unique scents.

Anyone can buy a vanilla candle from the store. But you can’t find the singular scents of a luxury candle just anywhere.

The scents of luxury candles are carefully crafted to create complex and layered aromas. Giving you a more sophisticated and nuanced fragrance experience than the alternatives.

We have candle scents of Thai lemongrass, sage, eucalyptus, pomelo, and matcha (to name a few). We interweave the primary scent with other scents that complement and highlight the main aroma. 

You’ll love the various notes you detect each time you burn your luxury candle. And guests will compliment you on how amazing your house smells as they also enjoy the unique, memorable aromas.

Luxury candles use ethical and sustainable practices.

Part of the cost of a luxury candle is often these candle brands focus on ethical and sustainable practices over mass production. Many luxury candle brands look to reduce their carbon footprint and yours by using sustainable products that eliminate production waste.

All Soy Delicious candles are hand poured into a zero-waste glass cup reusable as your favorite water glass or at your next dinner party. 

You can burn your candle knowing only eco-friendly materials –  like natural waxes and a cotton wick – are used. Making it better for you and the environment.

Luxury candles come with a personal touch.

Luxury candles are created with a singular, personal touch through an intentional candle-making process. From being hand poured in small batches to artistically designed, your luxury candle creates a connection between you and the candlemaker.

As we create, pour, and package our candles, Soy Delicious infuses a special touch throughout the process. 

We design our packaging to add a unique and artistic element to your home to enjoy your candle even when not lit. We create our scents to invoke memories and emotions tied to an experience – like taking you back to a favorite vacation spot or reminding you of Christmas morning.

Yes, luxury candles cost more. But they’re worth it – and so are you.

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light...which one will you choose?

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