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Our Favorite Candle Scents for the Holidays

Our Favorite Candle Scents for the Holidays

Sweater weather is officially here! It’s time for hot chocolate, twinkling lights, and family gatherings. It’s also time to bring out your favorite holiday candle scents! So whether you thrill at the chill in the air or prefer to cuddle on the couch under your favorite blanket, our team is going to share 4 of our best holiday candle scents.

Holiday Bliss

Georgette’s (our founder and top candle innovator) top holiday candle scent is Holiday Bliss. And when you get a whiff of this buttery-roasted goodness, you’ll understand why. 

It’s hints of apple pie baking in the oven, holiday music playing in the background, and being surrounded by holiday cheer all poured into one candle! The Holiday Bliss scent will take you back to your favorite holiday memories – and as you make new ones, it’ll become your top holiday candle scent too.


Sophia's (our team’s brand manager) favorite holiday candle scent is Fireplace because its sweet, nutty, spice scent reminds her of a wood fire crackling in the fireplace. 

And that’s the true beauty of this candle. Whether you have a fireplace or even live in a region that needs one, you can spark the memory of a wood-burning fire by lighting this candle. Let it fill the room and envelope you as you sip hot chocolate and read your next favorite book.


Yvette’s (our director of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping) top holiday candle scent is Currant. The sweet and spicy scent will invoke memories of Grandma’s holiday cakes and pies.

The holiday memory fun doesn’t stop there! As the scent wafts through your room, you’ll remember past holidays playing with relatives and counting presents under the tree. Our Currant candle will become your top holiday scent that inspires new memories as you make your holiday shopping list, create your holiday menu, or plan your next family gathering.


Stephanie’s (our assistant director of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping) favorite holiday candle scent is Cypress. This candle has a sweet piney scent with a hint of musk – perfect to envelop any room with the smell of a Christmas tree. 

Everytime you light the Cypress candle, it will fill you with the spirit of the season as you wrap gifts, decorate your home, or cook a holiday meal. So if you like scents of comfort and joy, this holiday candle is the one for you!

Try out all 4 holiday candle scents!

Each holiday Soy Delicious Candle comes in…

  • A 10 oz candle for a long, clean burn of up to 70 hours. This is the perfect size for any room in your home or a holiday hostess gift.
  • A 2 oz travel candle with a burn time of up to 12 hours. Travel tins are perfect to take with you as you travel to your next family gathering or for smaller spaces. 

The great thing about Soy Delicious Candles is that every candle is hand-poured using environmentally friendly, ethically sourced ingredients. Our exclusive blend of soy, coconut, and hemp waxes is not only good for the environment but also for you! Once you’re done burning your candle, use the melted wax as an aromatherapy lotion for your skin. Not only will it tickle your senses, but it will seal in your holiday memories. 

Also check out our Simple Tips To Help Your Candle Last Longer so you get every glorious scented second out of your candle.

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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