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5 Ways to Celebrate World Candle Month

5 Ways to Celebrate World Candle Month

September is World Candle Month, and Soy Delicious would like to celebrate with you! 

Candles are amazing decorations, the perfect gift, and can melt your stress away from the first whiff of its scent. So let’s dive into all the ways you can celebrate World Candle Month this September and beyond.

What is World Candle Month?

The National Candle Association (NCA) started World Candle Month in 2013 to highlight the benefits of candles and all the ways candles enrich our lives. World Candle Month also helps celebrate a critical human invention, reminds us to treat ourselves (and others), and promotes candle safety and best practices. 

Every year the NCA assigns a theme to the month, and this year the theme is “lighten the mood.” With all that is going on in the world, a bit of mood lighting sounds perfect.

How to celebrate World Candle Month

1. Decorate your home with candles.

    A candle is a perfect decoration to finish any room in your home. Whether you're spending a cozy night at home or having friends over, the right candle can add an extra layer of comfort and welcome. And if it’s a special occasion or holiday, pull out custom scents that evoke memories, nostalgia, and fun.

    Check out our blog – How to Decorate Your Home With Candles – for more home decorating ideas.

    2. Practice some self-care.

    Nothing will lighten your mood more than practicing much-needed self-care. Take a long bubble bath, give yourself a facial, or try out a new massage oil – but do it all with your favorite candles flickering in the background. If you’re short on counter space, use smaller travel-sized candles instead.

    If you use a Soy Delicious Candle, you can increase your self-care points because our candles double as skin lotion! So after that long soak in the tub, use the pooled wax to massage into your skin – it’s indulgent, moisturizing, and soothing! Check out Using Your Soy Candle as a Skin Lotion for more details.

    3. Try out a new scent

      World Candle Month is the perfect time to try out a new candle scent. As summer turns to fall and we gear up for the holiday season, there are lots of new scents to try. 

      Maybe try a candle that has a woodsy scent to highlight the coziness of fall. Or something spicy and warm to recall scents of Thanksgiving cooking in the kitchen. And if you still want to cling to the scents of summer, no problem! Try out a new summer scent as you pretend to not see the leaves falling in the backyard.

      4. Switch to environmentally friendly candles

        Since the theme of World Candle Month is “lighten the mood,” let’s lighten the earth’s mood by switching to environmentally friendly candles. Not only will the environment thank you, but you’ll feel better about the candles you’re burning in your home. Look for candles with soy wax, clean scents, and reusable containers.

        Read Why Environmentally Friendly Ingredients Make the Best Candles for more information.

        5. Follow candle care 101

          When you take care of your candles, they’ll take care of you by lasting longer! Trim those wicks, keep your candles away from drafts, and burn them long enough to prevent tunneling. 

          Want more tips? Check out Simple Tips To Help Your Candle Last Longer so you get every beloved scented second out of your candle.

          Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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