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2022 Soy Delicious Candle Gift Guide: The Best Candle Scents for Your Family

2022 Soy Delicious Candle Gift Guide: The Best Candle Scents for Your Family

The holidays are such a fun time of the year – lights, decorations, and lots of cheer! But sometimes trying to figure out what to get your family for Christmas can be…difficult. Your mom doesn’t need another cookbook, and you could use a cool gift to surprise your brother with. So making your gift-giving easier this year, we’ve put together a special Soy Delicious Candle Gift Guide full of ideas for each of your loved ones. 

Let’s get wrapping!

Candle Gift Ideas for Your Partner


Your partner may think a candle gift is really for you, but not if you give him our Soy Delicious Cypress holiday candle. The scents of evergreen with a hint of musk are just enough “masculine” to let him know this candle is all for him.


Your partner will love our Matcha candle. It’ll envelop him in the calming scent of green tea – allowing him to slip free of the day’s stress and get into a relaxing mood so he can be ready to spend an evening with you.

Candle Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Holiday Bliss

Mom: the woman who works hard from September to January to make sure everyone’s holiday season is extra special. So make your mom’s Christmas a bit more special by gifting her an exclusive Soy Delicious Holiday Bliss candle.

Our Holiday Bliss candle is the ultimate holiday-scented candle – it’ll spark memories of holidays past from when your mom was a little girl or when you were a toddler stealing decorations off the Christmas tree. 


If your mom needs a bit of time to unwind and destress from the holidays, get her the gift of relaxation from our spa collection. Our Provence candle will remind your mom to put her feet up, sip on her favorite holiday drink, and relax. 

And as a bonus, send her these 7 tips for self-care during the holidays.

Candle Gift Ideas for Your Dad


Finding a gift for your dad can be challenging sometimes – it’s not like he needs another tie or bottle of cologne. So why not gift him something unexpected like this limited Soy Delicious Fireplace holiday candle. He can carry the scent of a perfectly built fire without the worry of remembering to open the flue.


And for the days when your dad wants to relax, sip a cold one, and watch his favorite team, the Havana candle is the best choice. It’ll make any room in the house feel like his own special man cave. 

Candle Gift Ideas for Your Sister


Give your sister the memories of holidays at Grandma’s house and playing together under the tree with our exclusive Soy Delicious Currant holiday candle. She’ll love all the amazing memories it sparks – and the new ones you both make! – with its deliciously sweet and tangy scent.

Thai Lemongrass

Your sister will love our Thai Lemongrass. It’s sassy enough to make her feel chic but also give her the energy boost she needs to finish her to-do list and make her home smell amazing. It’s a triple win!

Candle Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Oudwood Musk

Your brother may think candles are for “girls,” but our Oudwood Musk candle is about to prove him wrong. With the smell of log cabins and tobacco leaves, he’ll have to admit (begrudgingly) this candle is a great gift for guys.

Luxe Home

So whether your brother is a bachelor or in a relationship, our Luxe Home candle from our clean collection is perfect for him. Every time he lights this candle, his partner or Friday night date will think the house smells especially good – helping him win some bonus points with his amor. 

Don’t forget yourself!

If you need some ideas to forward along to your family members or hint of what you’d like this year, share our 2022 Soy Delicious Holiday Gift Guide. It’s full of amazing ideas to compliment all the candles you picked up for yourself while shopping our Candle Gift Guide.

Want to learn more about why we love our holiday-scented candles so much? Check out Our Favorite Candle Scents for the Holidays.

At Soy Delicious, we’re sending you love, light, peace, and joy this holiday season!

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