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How Candles Relieve Stress and Anxiety So You Find Calmness in the Flame

How Candles Relieve Stress and Anxiety So You Find Calmness in the Flame

Candles are an amazing way to relieve stress. Think about any massage you’ve received – the room uses low lights, soothing music, and the aroma of a scented candle.

Candles can create a soothing environment and promote calmness for both your body and mind when you’re dealing with stress or anxiety.

Let’s talk about all the wonderful mental health benefits of candles.

Do candles relieve stress and anxiety?

Yes! Candles are a great way to relieve stress and have loads of benefits to relax your mind & body.

Here are a few of the benefits of using candles for stress relief:


Aromatherapy has tons of positive benefits that can affect your mood. Depending on the scent you choose, a scented candle can invigorate or calm you.

Scents from lavender, green tea, and rose to bergamot, sage, and eucalyptus are calming and stress-relieving aromas. They’ll clear your mind, promote relaxation, and reduce anxiety. Candles come in all different scents, but the best ones use natural essential or fragrant oils. 

Soft lighting

There is something soothing and hypnotizing about the soft flickering light of a candle. The warm, gentle glow creates a cozy, tranquil atmosphere that will calm your mind and body. 

Light one or several candles to promote a sense of peace (which you can’t get with harsh artificial lighting).

Ritual & mindfulness

When you light a candle and focus on the flame, you shift your thoughts away from your stressors. Taking some deep breaths and using the flame as a meditative focal point diverts your mind from your anxieties.

Soothing environment

Candles make a space feel more peaceful and cozy. So by using candles intentionally, you can signal to your mind and body it’s time to relax whenever you light your candles.

What types of candle scents relieve stress or help anxiety?

Here are a few of the top candle scents that help relieve stress and anxiety:


Lavender is a popular scent known for its calming and soothing effects. Lavender helps reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and create a tranquil atmosphere.


Ginger is a warm and spicy scent used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. Some find ginger invigorating, which creates a positive mood and impacts your overall well-being.


Bergamot is a citrus scent with mood-enhancing effects. Citrus smells are known to uplift moods and reduce anxiety.


Eucalyptus is a refreshing and invigorating aroma! The scent can promote mental clarity and reduce mental fatigue. Read more about the benefits of eucalyptus here.


Vanilla is a warm and comforting scent that can bring back soothing memories of childhood. Vanilla is known to relax your mind, uplift your mood, and create a cozy setting.


Sandalwood is a hearty, earthy scent frequently used for meditation. It can create a sense of calm and reduce anxiety & stress.

What types of candles should I buy to help with stress or anxiety?

When buying candles to relieve stress, look for candles with these features:

  • Candles made with natural waxes, fragrances, and cotton wicks. Natural waxes like soy and beeswax burn cleaner, produce less soot, and are more eco-friendly – letting you know you're making a healthier candle choice for yourself (and the planet).
  • Candles designed as slow-burning. These types of candles are crafted with high-quality materials to burn more slowly and evenly. Providing you with more time to relax and let go of your worries. 

Combine the power of candlelight and scent to create a calm, peaceful environment!

Personal preference is a must when looking to soothe anxiety or stress. So experiment with candle types, scents, and brands to find what you love and promote relaxation for you. 

Soy Delicious candles come in 3 different sizes to help you relax and unwind wherever you are.

  • A 10 oz candle with a burn time of up to 70 hours. It’s the perfect size for any room in your home.
  • A travel-size tin that can burn for up to 12 hours. Great for travel or the small space of a bathroom.
  • A 6-pack of 5 oz soy blocks. All you need is a wax warmer, making them ideal for your home or office.

And our eco-friendly candles function as aromatherapy for your skin. Massage the melted wax onto tense muscles and feel the warm, scented wax melt away your stress.

Soy Delicious Candles truly are love at first light… which one will you choose?

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